Our Tequila Background


Astral Tequila’s sustainability initiative

We upcycle our distillation waste into adobe bricks. Rather than dispose of our tequila production waste in landfills, we work with Green Loop who combines spent agave fibers (bagazo) with earth and liquid runoff from distillation (vinasa) to create Adobe bricks.

The wet molds of compost are then laid out in the sun to dry, yielding a brick that’s then used in construction.

Every bottle of Astral Tequila helps build homes in Jalisco, Mexico.

Empowering Sustainability: Adobe Brick Project for a Greener Tomorrow
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We have partnered with Habitat for Humanity Mexico, the organization that will be building homes for the Jalisco, Mexico community using Astral Tequila’s adobe bricks.


Habitat for Humanity Mexico envisions a world in which everyone has a suitable home. Founded in 1989, Habitat for Humanity Mexico is a non-profit civil society organization that promotes the recognition of housing as a fundamental human right, develops communities, mobilizes public and private resources, and calls on volunteers and allies to make access to adequate housing possible for low-income families.


We are proud to partner with this organization who has helped over 345,000 people find a place to call home.