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Nourished by the Sun and Stars

Why do we call our tequila Astral?

Because it’s nourished with good energy from the sun and stars.Good energy that only the sun and stars can provide has gently seeped into the blue agave for us to distill into bright bursts of citrus flavor.

Astral Tequila’s production process is steeped in tradition it features a unique milling process, using the tahona, a stone wheel which crushes the juices from the agave fibers. Those crushed fibers, or bagazo, are used in the fermentation process to make use of more of the agave plant. This technique embraces the true character and flavor of the agave.

But the journey doesn’t end there

Every time you open a bottle of Astral tequila, that vibrancy from the sun and stars is released anew. It flows out into a salt-rimmed rocks glass, into the spaces between us, and this vibrancy warms everyone in its orbit.

When the night feels young no matter what time it is; when food on the table becomes dinner with friends; when everything just clicks — That is celestial good energy found in a bottle of Astral making itself known.

It lasts longer than just one night. It travels from our inner circles to our communities, building them up by transforming our spent agave fibers into adobe bricks, before returning to the atmosphere to start the process all over again.

That’s the true beauty of good energy.
That’s the real gift from the sun and stars.
That’s what you’ll find in every bottle of our tequila.

And that’s why we call it Astral

Because it isn’t just tequila. It’s a celebration of the sun and the good energy it shares with us.
Nourished by the sun and stars.

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