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A visit to The House of Astral

There’s nothing quite like ending a long day with an evening beneath a seemingly never-ending expanse of stars- a treat most don’t have the chance to experience in their lifetime. There’s a certain energy that derives from the sun and stars. That good energy is found in every bottle of Astral Tequila. Each time a bottle of Astral Tequila is opened, the vibrancy from the sun and stars is released anew, but there’s also a place, deep in the Mojave Desert, where you can immerse yourself in this good energy.

Introducing The House of Astral, a celestial getaway that provides an incredible experience created as the physical embodiment of what it means to be nourished by the sun and stars, just as Astral Tequila is.

Located just outside of Joshua Tree National Park, lauded as one of the greatest dark sky locations in the country, The House of Astral is a luxurious destination that connects guests with nature and continues the journey of the good energy brought on by the sun and stars.

“There is no limit to how we can use astrology to help inform and guide our journeys,” shares Aliza Kelly. “We’re all extremely unique, but we’re also all connected by the sun and stars and curating experiences within The House of Astral is one way that we can circulate the goodness that we can give and receive.”

From early nature hikes, to late-night star-gazing, to gathering around a table under the stars with friends and family, the new-to-world exclusive experience demonstrates what it means to be nourished by the sun and stars. Immerse yourself in good energy, immerse yourself in The House of Astral.

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